Sunday, 3 May 2015


All these changes, in life and in my head, bring a sense of anxious excitement. As our mentality shifts without our conscious approval, we are sometimes hit with a dramatic wave of growth and that can be at times unsettling. In turn, the small, incremental changes our mind, body and spirit make every day is incredible and inspiring in every way possible. We are always changing, ever evolving. No moment is ever the same on earth, it is ever evolving. Every experience we have changes us if only in the most minute, undetectable way. 

"In the waves of change we find our true direction." 

I've had to overcome a very hurtful period in my life, and it hasn't been easy to say the least. What I can take from it is growth and strength, but to find them it challenged my ability to forgive and, more importantly, forget. In my own experience, the words "it's okay" are easily said, but not as easy to feel. But often times the other person doesn't even need to be involved in your path to forgiveness. Our mind is a powerful tool. It has the ability to help you twist the situation into a lesson of growth, but more normally it has ability to turn on negative thoughts and actions. 
I find, when faced with any difficult situation, I need to consciously monitor my thoughts to make sure I stay peaceful and present. The mind turns on blinders to what lesson the universe is trying to teach us. So, especially in times where forgiveness is necessary, it is important to be in the now, to work out what's happening with maturity, and to remain in a constant state of productive reflection so we can move on from the negative as quickly as possible. Forgive not because the situation deserves forgiveness, but because your soul deserves to forgive. 

It's cliché, but I truly believe everything happens for a reason. We are given obstacles to overcome so that we can continue to grow into the best versions of ourselves. So forgive, love, and be helpful to others who haven't learnt their lesson yet. For there's nothing more important on this earth, than the love and acceptance we can offer to everyone around us. What we put out to the universe we will receive. Give love, receive love. Give hope, receive hope. Give a smile, receive a smile. Give up judgment, receive acceptance and non-judgment... The list goes on.  



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