Thursday, 9 April 2015

Necessary Quiet.

After a day spent by myself my shoulders start to relax, my breath slows to a rhythmic calm and my heart feels at peace. Although there's nothing I love more than an engaging, personal conversation,  there is something to be said about being alone. Being quiet. I'm finding more and more importance in giving my mind a rest, and silencing my thoughts.

Our minds are so busy, every day trying to make sense of what's going on around us. We are always "on", having to make conversation, evaluate our surroundings, dissect others emotions just to make sure the world around us is as content as we are. This is life, and it is chaotic and beautiful and also overwhelming. There's no shame in recognizing that once in awhile we need a break from this madness. Our minds need to chill, need to regroup, need to be silent for awhile too.

This summer I plan to spend a weekend at my cabin, alone, in silence. Just the birds, my books, copious amounts of tea and lakeside walks. Because there's nothing more appealing to my tired mind, than to spend two days in solitude. It will definitely be hard at first, just like any form of meditation is - for our heads have been conditioned to analyze everything so we never power down. By the end of the first day I think I will start to experience the shift to complete silence. And by the end of the second day you'll find me with a grin on my face and an aura of calm.

To grow we must remove ourselves from what society sees as normal. In this case, removing ourselves from the hustle and bustle that happens in the physical world, as well as our mental world, and going to a place that allows our mind, body and soul to relax. It's these "experiments" that allow us to live peacefully in an otherwise chaotic life. We can only smile through the noise for so long before we need to take a break. Learn to listen to your mind and recognize when you need to take time for yourself. Take time for silence, the necessary quiet.

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