Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Don't Forget Inspiration.

Inspiration can pop up in the most unlikely places and in any situation. Whether it's a song in the background, graffiti on the bus or a dead flower on the sidewalk. Don't disregard these moments and thoughts as they happen every day. Too often we let ourselves forget great ideas or dismiss them as unworthy of our memory. Try to always take note of these moments. Carry a notebook with you at all times to jot down little "nothings" until you can turn them into something amazing. If a notebook doesn't work for you, start typing them into your phone, speak into a recorder or find a napkin to write on.

Do not let another creative possibility pass you so easily anymore.

Why does it seem to be so much easier to take in someone else's creativity, and harder to accept our own for what it is? In my own personal experience, I quickly shut down ideas as they come as I think no one will like it or it's "stupid". It's time we just start taking risks every day and learning from our creative mistakes. Never lose the appreciation of others work - you can always learn from it - but don't forget that you also have infinite potential to make something. Maybe instead of watching tv tonight, pick up your guitar, paintbrush, pencil, dance shoes etc etc etc. and just create.

We spend so much of our time consuming what others make, whether it be tv, books, music or art, why not try consuming your own?


My inspiration lately...

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