Monday, 2 March 2015

Find Nature, Find Peace

As I delve further into my journey for peace and presence, I've found nature to have a humble way of bringing this stillness to our lives.With deadlines, errands, responsibilities and social commitments, it's nearly impossible to locate our inner self and take time to find happiness within our own spirit.

 If you've ever attempted to meditate in a house full of people and noise, you'll know it's nearly impossible to ignore the distractions and to cease generating thoughts. The outdoors can bring us that quiet sanctuary, a place of solace and peace. I'm learning more and more about the benefits of meditation, and hoping to further myself in the practice. What I've found is that it's far easier to pull yourself away from your thoughts when you are surrounded by nature and the power the space will bring you. A light, scented breeze that rustles branches and leaves ever so slightly, birds and squirrels chirping, and fresh air to fill your lungs. Likely just imagining these things will have your shoulders loosening and your brows relaxing.

This post is to encourage you to get outside. To find a spot in nature that brings you absolute serenity and in turn, peace to the world. Leave your phone and any electronics. Bring a sketchbook, notepad, canvas or book, or come without anything and just be. Be present in the moment, aware of all your senses. Soak up the smell, feeling, landscape and sunshine. Meditate. To meditate is to remain still, silent and to leave all thoughts behind. If a thought arises, simply acknowledge it's presence but don't give it any attention.


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