Friday, 16 October 2015

One Of Many Wishes

Lately I've been reflecting on what vibe my overall life will carry. I keep coming back to this idea that it's going to be incredibly peaceful no matter what. Now this might sound very "Generation Y"... but I really don't want my life to be hard.

Let me elaborate. 

It's not that I don't want to work hard in life, but I want life in general to be soft and kind. As I write this I'm staring out an airplane window at heaven-like clouds, and the most incredible sunrise you could imagine. I want my life to be like this view. Soft and beautiful. Simple yet stunning.
I think we have this idea in North America that life has to be hardcore, fast, and unusually stressful. Here, it's admirable to work ourselves to the point of exhaustion and to constantly feel stressed. In my opinion, this kind of influence leads to disease, unhappy relationships and just plain miserable people. It can also result in a vicious circle where we think the world is out to get us. But doesn't it make sense that if we hurry through our days, stressed and unhappy, that the world would return the favour? We have the incredible ability to do so many things for ourselves that lead to happiness. So why aren't we taking more advantage of this.

While there's no doubt that hard work pays off in the end, I don't believe we need to put our happiness in jeopardy. This is why I want my life to be soft and peaceful. Working hard, but spending every minute of it with a quiet heart. Living a life this way will lead me to spend every moment in the present time. If it isn't hard, we aren't always going to be searching for the next big thing to get us by. Rather, we will enjoy every soft moment life brings our way.
There's a saying that I try to I live my life by - that what we put out to the universe, we receive back. Send positive energy to the universe and the universe will return the gesture. Smile at a stranger, and they almost always smile back. Do something nice for someone, and hopefully they do something nice for someone else! If we live our lives softly, and stay present, the universe will gift us with soft reciprocation.

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