Monday, 23 February 2015

Keep Moving

Feeling stifled in my living environment but the world inside my head is teeming with ideas.

This shift we are experiencing, it's all happening on the inside first and manifesting itself in good deeds and positive vibes on the outside. But what if some of us are feeling too stifled to give way to this movement fully? We are faced with the almost debilitating reality that those closest to us will not understand why we do the things we do. I have one answer to this problem, keep moving. 

We are free spirits aren't we? Either fly with us or set us free, but do not drag us down.

Fuel your passions, guide your spirit and give everything you have to this peaceful, enlightened movement. Experiment with the psychedelic, be creative and leave technology for the day. If I could, I would group together everyone who's on the same level and meet in the forest. Love would flow freely, music would be made and conversations would be had that could take things to the next level. But for the time being, start hugging everyone you see, why not? Spread love. Spread peace, start the movement. And to the people who try to resist, who try to change your beautiful perspective, well those are the people you might have to leave behind for the time being. They will come around, I promise. Right now we need peaceful protesters and activists for the rights of everything on earth. What I strive for is biocentric equality, the idea that everything in the biosphere are equal and deserves equal respect.

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