Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Thursday morning, 5:40am we took off from home. Dear Prudence playing in my headphones and my sister by my side created the most perfect atmosphere.

I’ve never felt so peaceful than I did while the plane was smoothly leaving the ground. Life is hectic right now, with school, work and life decisions and dilemmas. With some hard truths to endure I’ve spent the past few days with puffy eyes from crying, too much over thinking and feeling hurt. Needless to say, a moment of peace was something I yearned for. Traveling will forever be the escape I need, the one thing that urges us to take risks, put ourselves out there and to take a step back from our buzzing lifestyles. There’s something about flying that makes my heart buzz with excitement. Coffee in hand, a good book - or in my case a paper to write - and simply one of the greatest scenic journeys we are so lucky to be able to experience. It was dark when we left, but as I write this the sun is coming up over the clouds, and the sky is colored like a rainbow. Beneath me is a floor made of clouds, and checkerboard fields of prairies peeking out periodically.

How amazing it would be to be pilot, watching the world go by from the front seat of a plane. 



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