Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Power Of Love

There's a shift happening right now. I know a lot of us can feel it and some people are able to see it. Our beautiful generation, a generation of believers in what's right, a generation of dreamers of dreams so big we might burst if they don't become realities.

We are the lovers, the passionate ones, the ones who will reach the highest point and continue on to the next.

 I'm so proud to be a part of this eclectic group of 20 somethings that need to make a difference in this world. We are a creative bunch, movement starters and the ones who will work to change the way we function in society. Let's pull away from materialistic living, say no to the social norm and redefine what success looks like. We encompass what compassion is. We feel for others, forever wanting to make life a great place for everyone. We have the ability to make someone's day and we will stop at nothing to make it happen. We possess compassion for every living animal, tree, insect and soul.

Let's band together to stop the hurtful people, the malicious intruders on our peaceful territory. I's revolution time, this is the shift. This is what our generation is meant to do. Emphasize love and leave behind money. Share and care and be kind to all people. Stop the non believers and stand up to the greedy persons in power. A new definition of power is needed, one that does not include being in charge. Look deeper into power, and search for new sources. Power of soul and the power of love.

Love makes this all possible, never stop spreading love.


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