Tuesday, 26 April 2016


It can be so hard to find faith in the world we are living in today.
From daily lives that can feel bleak and worthless, it might seem impossible to believe that you alone have the ability to make necessary changes that lead to greatness.
Your definitely of greatness is different than anyone else, and that's what makes each individual journey so beautiful and exciting. You are the only one in charge of your path, so carve it out with delicate care and persistence.

Fight everything that leads you in the wrong direction. You will know when it's wrong, you will feel it in every inch of your soul. The tight grip around your stomach and heart is your intuition, and you will only be able to resist it for so long before it bursts you wide open and leaves you there with your heart naked to the world and a helplessness that burns the open wound. I promise you will only let it get to that point once or twice in your life and rather you will listen to what your soul has to say.
Our intuitions lead us to our greatness. Regardless of how many detours you make along the way just follow your path. Guide your mind with your soul and give in to anything that just feels "right".
This is the journey to self acceptance and collective awakening. We overcomplicate every decision, situation and perceived problem, when all you need to do is listen and love. When we all learn to love without fear, we can spread that love as far as possible. When we all learn to listen intently, we experience a unique connection to all things on the earth. Listen and love. It sounds simple yet it implies something so deeply unexplainable to those who have been distracted by the normal life our society has decided is most acceptable.

This life has become overcomplicated by simple, mundane things. Material possessions matter more than experiences, and personal connections matter less now that we have technology for convenience. It's more important than ever to take a step back and check in with our true self to find out what truly matters to us as one giant family on earth. Your personal journey and path will intersect with many others and it is this way that we will be able to grow collectively to love and listen. Help everyone to achieve greatness, and you too will be lifted up energetically and spiritually. Whether or not you consider yourself a spiritual person, it is important to acknowledge that we do have a problem in our definition of values in human nature and that we are in need of drastic change. I believe this change will come in time with awareness and reflection of how we are going to survive this next period on earth, together.

So walk slowly and barefoot in the grass. Say thanks to mother nature and pay respect to all resources that help you survive. Be helpful and kind to everything around you. Smile inside always. Spread this peace and love to everyone around you and lead by example. Lead with actions and changes rather than with aggressiveness and volume.

Listen to your heart, follow your own path, while challenging others to do the same with gentle reminders. Your journey is going to be very different from most others and that will be chaotically beautiful. We are not meant to be sentient, average beings.
We are meant to symbiotically work together in creating a world where everyone and everything is respected, trusted and appreciated.

One love, one life.

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