Sunday, 11 May 2014

Roadtrip Weekend

Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel the Trans-Canada highway with a very good friend. I flew out to London, Ontario to road trip back to Winnipeg. I arrived in London to spend the night with another friend, went out for dinner and drinks, dancing and ridiculously awesome bus rides.

We got off to a later start the next morning, stocked up with snacks, candy, a map of Ontario and of course Tim Horton's coffee. Without a set plan or route, we made our way onto the Trans-Canada highway (a highway that runs across the whole country) with the hopes of staying close to the great lakes along the way.

It was an amazingly calm, and beautiful trip. We took our time, soaked up the scenery and explored our surroundings. We drove for eight hours on the first day and stopped in a town called Sault Ste. Marie, where we picked up two bottles of wine and ordered pizza. The next morning we were off to an earlier start and slowly made our way through the rocks and lakes again. We drove into the night, arriving in Winnipeg at 2am. It was a great getaway, and a must needed trip. The Ontario scene brought back the longing for camping, the outdoors and my love for swimming in a lake.

Although I am making an effort to live in the moment, I cannot help but wish for summer to get here a little faster bringing along its camping trips, festivals and wedding celebrations that make my heart warm just thinking about it. This trip was inexpensive, laid back and perfect. 

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