Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Wandering is quite possibly the greatest deed for our souls. Our lives are so full of to-do lists, scheduling and time management. Sometimes I get the urge to quietly walk away from it all. To head to my cabin leaving my cellphone and computer behind. We need to take a weekend that entails no schedule, sleeping in as late as our bodies desire and eating when we're hungry, not because it is the designated lunch time.

So take off your shoes, take a long, hot shower (or skip the shower because this is your day) and take your time braving a new recipe. Try to go a full day without checking the clock, and plan your day around what you actually feel like doing. Leave your cellphone, pager, laptop and tablet behind to have a day that will make your soul feel lighter.

Wander through the forest until you end up on a secluded beach and sit amongst the wild flowers to get in touch with nature. Humans are not meant to be inside, we are meant to be outdoors.

Wander, wander, wander and get lost.

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