Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Little Things

Lately I've been thinking about what's really important in my everyday life, and started realizing that it really isn't (or shouldn't be) completely about the big things that happen. My days tend to be fairly laid back, and usually consist of composing an essay and working at the restaurant, so as you can imagine, incredibly exciting moments don't necessarily happen all the time. But this doesn't mean that I'm unhappy, or unfulfilled with my everyday life.

True, the big things do matter and they make life much more exhilarating, but it's not going to be everyday that your significant other proposes, or you get a job promotion. Making the most out of the little things is what's going to keep your heart and soul happy.

My favorite moments are when I finally get myself out of bed, put on my slippers and wool poncho, and crawl up the stairs to grind up fresh coffee beans, I sit and listen as the coffee quietly drips into the pot. My house is quiet and the sun is just rising, I wake up early to be able to sit and enjoy my coffee and smoothie. This just makes me happy and starts my day off right, it's a little thing that keeps me going.

Take the time to notice your breathing, write down little nothings that make you smile and have a good morning stretch. Join in on your dogs pure bliss as you rub its stomach, and laugh as it barks for more. Without these little moments throughout our day, life can get pretty dull if you're in school and/or working all the time. When your out with your friends, take a moment to truly appreciate their company and let yourself go for a little while. Life shouldn't be taken too seriously, live for the little things and the big things will even seem that much better.

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