Sunday, 15 December 2013

End The Blues

This blog post is inspired by my weary student friends, the ones who are juggling school and work, work and school. It's hard to remain positive in the stressful situation that is "real life" sometimes. With cold weather and endless due dates, we need to find the sunshine within and be thankful we have the opportunity to be in school and able to make money. While it's so difficult to remember these things when the stress settles in, this tends to be my mantra: 

"Things could be a lot worse."

It is so simple, but it works for me. Find your mantra, recite it until you believe it. Studying for school is something we should appreciate as others aren't fortunate enough to get an education. And we should be thankful to have work and be making money. As for time to get everything done, don't overextend your schedule and make time to just be. We don't always need to fill our free time, sometimes not having anything to do or anywhere to be is just what we need to fuel our creative souls. 
Hang in there my fellow student friends Christmas break is almost here and, I don't know about you, but I'm ready for wine, laughter, Santa and loved ones.

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