Thursday, 7 November 2013

November Relief

When we finally reach November, after what seems like a blink of eye from summer, I am overwhelmed with a sense of calm. I feel more relaxed than I did in October, and definitely less stressed than I felt in September. November, with it's chilly mornings and early nightfall's, brings with it the big huge comforting blanket that is winter. Last night, getting off work fairly late, I was greeted with the smallest snowflakes and the quietest evening I've experienced in a long time. It's as if in November we are all retreating into our cozy comforters, opting for a movie night in rather than a late night out, and choosing hearty chili to fill our cold stomachs over fresh, summer salads. Although the transition from summer into winter (especially here in Winnipeg) is always tough, I like to appreciate what every season brings to the table.
November is bringing the anticipation of school being done for Christmas holidays, family and friends getting together, and outdoor winter fun to fill your lungs with the crisp fresh air. This month is exactly what I needed to lift my hopes, keep me motivated and remind me that change is always better.

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