Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Embracing Fall

It's that time of the year again, the leaves are falling and we're all reaching for something spiced and comforting. I'm spending my last few weeks of tolerable weather outdoors, spending as many weekends away and biking to every destination.
This past weekend I had the opportunity to head out to my cabin just for the night and I am so glad I did. A really great friend and I hopped in the car with a couple bottles of wine and some yummy food planned making for an awesome night away.
This fall I'm going to drink all the apple cider I can, enjoy some delightful pumpkin pie and read, read, read. What's your ideal fall?


  1. I LOOOVE fall! These pics are so beautiful! :)

    I like your blog! Please check out my new fashion/beauty blog when you get the chance!


    Thanks xx

    1. Thanks Taylor! I'm so glad you liked them. I will definitely check out your blog.

      much love!



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