Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A Weekend With Nature

This past weekend my man Stefan and I trekked out into the beautiful grounds of Ontario to camp on a beach in a magical place called Boyne Lake. It was definitely camping at its roughest, which was exactly what I needed. Its the type of place you can't help but shut your phone down, breathe deeply and enjoy the peaceful silence in complete relaxation. It's hard to explain what we actually did there... because we really didn't do anything in particular! Besides a couple of hikes along the rocks, and a canoe adventure around the point, we found oursevles simply looking out onto the lake, lounging in the sand and enjoying each others conversations. We lucked out on some seriously beautiful weather and even got to watch a night time lightning spectacle in the distance.
This relief from technology and the fast pace feel of the city was so much needed for me, and I will definitely make a point to do it more often. There's nothing better than not having to worry about an email you should respond to, or a facebook post you need to comment on. Living in the woods for 3 days was simple, mindless and easy. It was a meditation from real life that I didn't realize I needed that badly.
Now being home I feel rejuvenated, motivated and happier.

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